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Thank you for your Kind Words…

Thank you for your kind words. We are constantly trying to improve, and we take our customer comments very, very seriously. Please, please take the time to complete a Customer Comment Card when you’re here to let us know how we’re doing.  Be sure to include your email address so we can let you know about upcoming specials. Below are selected comments from our customers.

I love the peppered bacon burger! (from A.C.)

Everything is so yummy and delicious! A++ (from N.A.)

These hash browns are the best in town! Very affordable. (from O.B.)

Good, quality food. Not over priced. Enjoy the coffee and atmosphere! (from K.G.)

I really like the new interior. The staff are always really kind and polite and the food and coffee are great. (from J.D.)

Amazing cheese in the Gyro! Atmosphere and service was amazing! (from C.J.)

Regular customer. Food and drinks great as always! Appreciate the consistency and the friendly staff! (from K.M.)

The Mac & Jack Cheese was amazing! I love the new renovations and menu! (from E.J.)

No matter what I get it is always delicious and amazing! (from A. W.)

This is by far my favorite place to get drinks. Especially magic ones. (from M.M.)

Best burger I’ve had in Pullman!  Thanks for dinner! (from B.D.)

Great dinner, great service, enjoyed the atmosphere! Will highly recommend! (from M.C.)

Love it! Best place in Pullman so far. (from D.W.)

First time to Zoe’s since the move. I like the new venue! Great coffee too! (from J.E.)

Zoe’s always impresses! You guys are the best. (from S.)

This was my first time here and I loved everything about it! Great all around! 10/10. (from B.B.)

Great food for tired travelers! Thank you. Blessings.

Zoe’s never disappoints. Great food, espresso, staff, and atmosphere. Brought the family from out of state to check it out. Go Cougs! (from G.K.)

Great design. I love the water jugs! Food is 10/10. (from K.H.)

Great improvement from when it was first opened and AWESOME service 🙂 (from N.A.)

The Denver omelet was on point!! (from S.)

I love Zoe’s, it’s my new favorite place in Pullman. Great espresso! (from M.)

Love the new dinner menu. Please advertise more! I had no idea this was happening until I got here. Delicious dinner! (from K.S.)

French toast and service is always excellent. Mexican Mocha is to die for. Always my choice for pre-exam cramming. (from A.S.)

Great cider and fries! (from A.M.)

I loved Zoe’s when it was on campus and I love it now. Haven’t come in for lunch before, but I thought it was great. Coffee good as always. (from C.U.)

We always come in for breakfast and we always leave satisfied with the service and of course the great food. The Mexican Mochas are great, by the way! (from C.T. and N.R.)

Amazing service!! Good food!! The staff here is the BEST!! (from T.F.)

Great hash browns and bacon. 10/10 would dine again. (from S.N.)

Amazing burger. Amazing service. 10/10, A + !

Ordered a Baja veggie and fries, and it was super yummy! Love how fresh the veggies are 🙂 You should get a dessert menu! (from K.C.) Note: We have started a dessert menu.

I love Zoe’s! However, I am so sad you will no longer have the tomato bisque. It is my favorite soup in the world, and I order it faithfully. Please bring it back! (heart) (from S.S.) Note: We too are sad! Our distributor no longer carries it, but we are looking into another one.

Best place in Pullman for food! I LOVE ZOE’S! And coffee. (from J.E.)

We love your food. It’s our favorite place to order lunch for the office. (from T.S.)

Love Zoe’s! So glad to find your new location. (from J.)

Baja turkey sandwich – real good. (from D.W.)

A great place anytime!! Had a pancake with strawberries and whipped cream for lunch and thanks! (from Y.)

Chicken fried steak is consistently amazing! Pancakes had a slight cinnamon flavor which was bomb. Service was great. Had to ask for napkins and utensils but otherwise perfect! (from A. & S. T.) Note: Thank you for your comment and your patience.  We have some servers still in training.

Came here before and was not impressed, but I’m glad I decided to come back and everything was delicious, service was great. Thanks! (from J.F.) Note: Thank you for coming back!

My Ruben was awesome and the service is amazing. (from A.B.)

We had the All American Burger and BBQ Burger – both were excellent. Service was timely and efficient. (from D. & N. M.)

Excellent food and service. Always a “Go-To” destination. (from G.S.)

It was a very good experience! I loved the Rajun Cajun sandwich and it was amazing! My waiter was very kind and took great care of us. (from M.D.)

Food is fantastic and the service is awesome! Nice upgrade from the old business. (from D.)

Awesome. Meat Lover’s omelet 🙂 (from H.C.)

Very fast and friendly – and piping hot fries, delicious Gyro!! 🙂 (from K.S.)

We loved our mimosas! The new place is amazing we loved it so much! I will become a regular. (from K.B.)

Best coffee in town! I’m here at least 1 time a week I LOVE ZOE’s (heart). (from S.Y.)

Great dinner, great service, enjoyed the atmosphere! Will highly recommend! (from L.C.)

I had the french dip (Little Dipper) and it was excellent. This is the first time I had been in here. I would recommend it to other people.

The new look is seriously classy and brings back some of the feel of the old Underground. (from J.M.)

Thanks for the great Phi Kappa Sigma lunch during Mom’s Weekend! (from D.B.)

Experience was fantastic! Great service as always. I love the food, and even though it was Mother’s Weekend I felt like it was just another weekend. (from S.P.)

When mama came to town the only place I wanted to take her was here! Amazing food, coffee and atmosphere. (from M & T. S.)

Pepper bacon cheeseburger. It was so satisfying! Good job. (from T.H.)

Delicious food, excellent, friendly service. Wonderful atmosphere. We have found our new early morning hangout. Thank you 🙂 (from F. & D. S.)

It was really good! I always love coming to Zoe’s. Cool vibe. (from F.G.)

Welcome back! I missed you guys! (From a Coug Mom and Alum)

Pepper bacon cheese burger. Will order again for sure. Thank you!

Beautiful setting with great food and service. Highly recommend. (from V.V.)

This new Caribbean Burger is awesome! With all the extra juicy goodness though, you’re going to need to put it on a bun with more stability! 🙂 Note: We changed the bun 🙂 Thanks!

So glad you brought the comment box back! Going to miss my favorite spot after graduation! (from K.S.)  Note: We’re going to miss you too!

Found you on Yelp. Nice place. The food was good, fresh ingredients, etc. The sauce on the Greek gyro was good and subtle. The clam chowder was good but would be better with a green garnish – with parsley. Also: service was excellent! (from B.)

Baja veggie, it was really good and the fries are great.

LOVED THE FRENCH TOAST (heart)! (from I.B.)

Thanks for the good steak and beer! @ 7:46 a.m.

Grad weekend and Mother’s Day. Crowded with happy voices, didn’t mind the wait, expectations well-managed, great food and service, as usual. (from J.S.)